Edamame is the brave leader of the Mameshiba. He is full of curiosity and loves adventure. He travels the world in his pod.

When the third Green Pea got kidnapped, this brave bean-dog went on an adventure with Chickpea and the other Green Peas to get him back. They went down the drain and found him as the king of a tribe of moldy carrots. Chickpea replaced the pea with a simaller looking ball of slime and tricked the carrots.

Once Lentil wanted to teach the other beans about space, so Edamame, Lentil, Black-eyed Pea, and Cranberry Bean all went on a trip to outer space. They first landed on the moon. Edamame and the other beans had fun jumping on the gravity-less surface. Next the crew went to Mars. Their ship crashed, so they bought somelemonade from a couple of "martians". The "martians" tricked them and abducted them in their UFO. The fake-martians planned to take them to their home planet to be slaves, but BEP shoots lemon juice in the leaders eye.The beans run to an escape pod and launch it out, but Lentil is not on! Lentil doesn't care, and shoots questions at the aliens. The aliens get so bored they teleport Lentil back to his friends.

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